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Women's Health at My Bodyworks

Supporting Women through life's transitions

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Integrative Women's Health Services

Nat specialises in Women’s Health, treating post natal women through to post menopause. The transitions your body takes through life create whole health impacts and an integrative approach is vital to rehabilitating you and strengthening your body for life.

Common conditions we treat include rectus diastasis, core function, incontinence, prolapse, back pain, pelvic floor function, hysterectomy recovery and perimenopause transitions. We also specialise in abdominal scar work to caesarean sections, laparoscopic surgeries, hysterectomy surgeries (laparoscopic, vaginal and abdominal), gall bladder removal, breast reduction scars, masectomy scars, appendectomy scars and episitomy scars and tears – helping you regain full core function and movement.

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Pelvic Health Recovery

Pelvic health is a lifetime concern which is certainly not limited just to those who have had babies.

The pelvic floor plays a vital role in the body’s stability, movement,  organ support, continence, and sexual pleaseure in people of all ages, male or female. 
The optimal mechanics of the pelvic floor can be thrown off by poor movement habits, toileting behaviours, injury, trauma (physically and emotionally) and prominently by abdominal surgeries. 

Future proof your pelvic health and your body’s optimal function with our signature programme, The Pevic Health Recovery Kit.

Post Natal Recovery

With a new born on your hands, you would be forgiven for writing off the effect of the past 9 months on your body, and getting on with your new normal. Everyone experiences trauma to the body’s tissues during pregnancy and birth. This can be due to changing postures, the growing weight of your baby putting stress on the pelvic floor muscles and stretching the abdominal muscles, a cesearean section,  or tears/ epdiurals due to asssisted ventuse or forceps deliveries, 

The Restoration Mummy offers a range of Post Natal Recovery services to help you with:

 diastasis tummy gap, pelvic floor rehabilitation,  c-section healing and recovery, urinary incontinence, posture, back and neck pain, core connection, activation and strengthening.

We assesses where YOUR BODY is at, so that we can put a bespoke plan together for your return to full function, to give you the resilience and strength to keep up with the whirlwind of motherhood. 

Hysterectomy Recovery

Hysterectomy is a big surgery for the body, affecting the structural integrity of the body’s tissues, and sometimes, depending on the type of surgery, can impact urinary continence, hormone balance and pelvic organ tensegrity, leading to prolapse.

Undertaking hysterectomy surgery will mean that you have already undergone a journey of more conservative interventions along with big decisions, creating an highly emotional and stress load on your body, leading to the decision for your hysterectomy.

A holistic approach to your recovery is so key to returning to strength physically, mentally and emotionally.

Perimenopause - Post Menopause

Perimenopause, Menopause and Post Menopause have, over the years, often been swept under the carpet of discussion or shrouded in such negativity that it has left women fearing trying to talk about this transition. 

Truth is that everything in life is navigated better when we have an informed understanding to make the right choices for ourselves. 

Many people often miss the signs and signals that their own body’s rhythms are changing and therefore miss important opportunities to help themselves navigate this natural progression in their life. 

Step into the Positive Perimenopause find out more about what to look out for and how to help manage the changes for yourself. 

Help empower youself to take the reins and navigate your body’s transitions, your way.