There are many reasons for having a hysterectomy and multiple ways of having the surgery so every woman’s journey will differ with respect to their pre and post op rehabilitation. 

Being prepared for surgery, knowing what questions to ask to make informed decisions and having a plan of your support for your recovery can give you a much better environment for healing and getting back to optimal health. 

No matter the surgery, a hysterectomy is a big deal for your body and giving it time to heal well, with ample support in place in your daily life, will enable you to recover at an appropriate pace. 

Your recovery is as individual as you and your needs may differ depending on what stage you are at in your recovery. 

The Recovery Kit allows you to pick and mix the support you need to help create your bespoke plan to full RECOVERY. 

Besides your reasons for having surgery, and the method by which your hysterectomy is done, the support you need will depend on where your body is at when you reach out for that support. 

The pre op period can be anytime from considering surgery, running up to the surgery itself. This timeframe is about education and making sure that your body is in as strong a position as possible, phsically, mentally and emotionally, to make a good recovery. 

In the Early post op period, there are alot of things you are advised not to do and REST, REST, REST is your number 1 job at this stage. However, there is so much that you can do at this stage to put your body in an optimal healing environment. Nutrition for healing, good bowel habits, sleep strategies, conservative whole body movement,  breathwork and emotional support are huge at this time to minimise stress on your healing body. 

The Late post op period is about continuing the gradual progress to optimization. In this period, helping your body back to functionality is the goal – working with the closed scar tissues to be able to move and function under load, strength work and pelvic floor health for life, as well as ongoing emotional support as you build resilience and trust in your body. 

Support for your Hysterectomy Recovery

The Recovery Kit provides a ‘pic ‘n’ mix’ menu of tools to help you on your PERSONAL journey to recovery. Whether you are considering a hysterectomy surgery, have just had one or are years down the line, we can work together to improve your recovery for life. 
BEFORE BOOKING, PLEASE NOTE – your your safety and to prevent infection, your scars must be fully healed before we can proceed with any soft tissue work to the scars. However, in the meantime, there are many other stategies that we can work with to help you.