Quite simply, I don't hurt anymore, and that is priceless.


Here are just some of the amazing testimonials my clients have left for me having experienced the healing benefits of my treatment plans.

“Working as a fitness instructor I lead 10 high intensity classes a week, so when I started to suffer from pain in my knee it became a real issue. The pain went from just hurting when I knelt to hurting when I walked, drove, even just sat still or the pressure of clothing on it caused me pain. I had tried sports therapists, massage and Nhs physios (who actually gave me exercises which aggravated the injury!). After months of no luck and the injury getting worse I was feeling depressed and desperate- not only affecting my income, but my self confidence and happiness too.

“Thankfully Nat was recommended to by my mum who, after a fall, had gone from not being able to move her arm to having full range of movement again! I was told to go in with an open mind and I am SO glad I did. Her holistic approach was incredible, breaking down how scars and old injuries were potentially linked. I left my first session with what seemed like rather bizarre homework- activating and deactivating certain areas that were either not working or over working, but I did it religiously because I had seen how her methods had worked miracles before with my mum. Within a week the pain shifted. In the second session Nat located a different issue and gave me more homework to help get my body working correctly and evenly. After just four sessions I had zero pain in my knee. Zero. I had gone from depressed, debilitating pain to zero pain in four sessions. Nat is a miracle worker in my eyes but in scientific terms she does what other therapists don’t seem to do and looks at the ENTIRE structure of the body. She shows you that everything is linked and that the pain you are living with that you think you just need to put up with…she can fix! Her holistic approach even includes seeing how some issues have emotional connection to them and she helps clear that tension away leaving the body free to work in the way it is supposed to.

I cannot recommend Nat highly enough. Her presence is like a warm hug and her healing hands are honestly miraculous. I’m back to jumping around for 10 hours a week plus walking the dog twice a day and I couldn’t be happier that I went to see Nat, she helped where no one else could. Thank you so much, Nat. I have not stopped recommending you since I’ve seen you!”

- Emily T​

“Since taking Nat’s “Recover Your Breath” course earlier this year, I have been having regular one-to-one sessions with her. During this time Nat has helped me with a number of issues both physical and emotional. The sessions with Nat plus the homework exercises she provides have led to remarkable improvements in many aspects of my life, such as breathing,  digestion, self-acceptance, and reduced anxiety.  Nat has the ability to make you feel relaxed and at ease and enable you to get the most out of each session.”

- Male,  Aged 70

“I believe that Nat is on a mission to free as many people as possible from unnecessary chronic pain and physical limitation. She avidly pursues courses that she believes will give her the tools to achieve this as quickly and simply as possible.

“Over the past 15 years or so I have consulted a number of practitioners: chiropractors, osteopaths, homeopaths, massage therapists, and probably others that were best forgotten! Most of them were able to provide temporary relief from my hip/low back pain, but it always returned.  A couple of months ago I had a session with Nat in which, with little discussion and no explanation from me, she traced the root of the problem to an emotion that I was holding – for someone in my family who is no longer with us! It was the work of a couple of minutes reflection on my part, following cues from Nat, to release the emotion – and with it the pain!

“So, this pain that has given me sleepless nights and all sorts of restrictions HAS GONE! It has not returned when I sat for long periods. It no longer restricts how long and how far I can walk and best of all it didn’t return when I went on a very active sports holiday at a resort with 110 large, uneven steps down to the beach!

“This is only one example of her work – I don’t know how she does it but it was miraculous for me!

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the friend who recommended Nat to me and, of course, to Nat her amazing self.”

- Alison C, Retired

“Nat is quite simply a magician. I have spent most of my life in pain of some sort. Pain in my knees, hips, back, shoulders… and I’ve never been able to breathe fully or deeply.

“Over the years I have spent hours and several hundreds (thousands?!) of pounds at different chiropractors, osteopaths, physios, even an orthopaedic surgeon! But none of them were able to get to root cause of the problem and make it go away, permanently. When I met Nat, I had a list of operations pending to ‘fix’ these issues.

“Quite simply, I don’t hurt anymore, and that is priceless. I can’t tell you how emotional it was to regain faith in what I had viewed as my ‘failing’ body that I described as ‘falling apart’.

“I won’t ever contemplate going anywhere else if I am injured.

“Nat is a real life magician blending several powerful bodywork and healing modalities, linking the trapped emotional connection that is so closely linked to pain and using her immense intuition to bring about true healing, at every level.

“Thank you Nat, I am truly grateful to have ‘found’ you and to have had the privilege of experiencing your magic.”

- Louise M

“I knew that falling off horses for years wasn’t exactly good for my body! Having had several falls on the same shoulder, an exercise regime using a lot of plank positions tipped things over the edge and shoulder and neck pain were constant. It took my breath away, stopped me sleeping and become so excruciating that I once drove 350 miles one handed.

“I met Nat at a network meeting and we had a discovery session in which she explored the history of my pain. I gave her a full and detailed account of illnesses, surgeries, riding falls and accidents and bit by bit she pieced together the sources of my pain. The initial muscle testing process blew me away, it is extraordinary! A few treatments later and my shoulder had full movement and, amazingly, was pain free. She has also worked on my hysterectomy scar helping to heal the damage the surgery did to my core, relieving discomfort and helping me feel stronger. More recently Nat has worked on some deep emotions I was holding onto which have affected my physical wellbeing. Releasing these has strengthened my body and resolved another area of pain.

Nat is out of a new mould of practitioner. The presenting pain is only part of the puzzle for her and she knows when there is a piece missing – something I had forgotten or felt was unimportant. Her easy manner and positive approach are reassuring and I have complete confidence in her ability. She is always learning new techniques and her excitement when she brings them into her practice is infectious. She clearly loves what she does and cares deeply about supporting her clients and equipping us with the tools to move away from constant treatment. I cannot recommend Nat highly enough. To say she is a miracle worker detracts from her knowledge and skill, and yet the phrase sums up what she does – she really does work miracles!

- Kate N

Working with Nat has been a revelation. I have complex interacting health conditions which cause me ongoing problems, especially with my joints. Nat helped me understand not just my body mechanics but how different areas interact with and impact on each other in a way that multiple physiotherapists and pain specialists have been unable to.

“Fundamental things like helping me improve my breathing have had a positive impact on my core stability providing a more solid base to work from. From the first session Nat’s warm manner put me at ease and I feel confident that she is really invested in my wellbeing. I look forward to making new discoveries in our next session.”

- Lena T

Nat has literally changed my life! After the recommended 4 treatment sessions I can now walk several miles and take part in keep fit challenges which I couldn’t do before. With Nat’s care, knowledge and humour I would recommend her to Anyone with pain, muscle or movement issues.”

- Sharon E