Sweet & Salty Menopause Events

What the Meno? Menopause Event
Sweet & Salty Menopause Events

The Menopause WTF? Event

Hitting the menopause transition is often a real shock because many of us are just waiting for a few hot flushes and our periods to stop.

But for many women,  there is a feeling of waking up in a body that has just given up on us.

That body  that used to move well, sleep well, easily remain fit and healthy, live life joyfully and be able to handle the stresses that life throws at us seems to have disappeared.


Do you wake up most days thinking ‘WTF is going on?’

 WTF is menopause anyway?
 WTF is perimenopause and when did this become a thing?!
 WTF is happening to my body?
 WTF can I do to help myself through this?

The peri-menopause transition is a whole cascade of changes happening in your body and it is possible to help ease your journey. Whether you turn to HRT for help, or not, the changes in your body will respond positively to lifestyle tweaks  and adjustments .

The chances are what worked for you in your 20’s, 30’s and 40’s won’t work as well, if at all, for you now. The reality is that your body isn’t the same, and that is ok, it is the journey of being a woman.

This journey can begin from a place of WTF fear and overwhelm, or a place of informed empowerment and curiousity.

Which do you choose?

You will leave the event:

 Empowered and ready to make some lifestyle tweaks to address your symptoms

 Reassured that you are not going mad and there are ways to help your mood

 Hopeful that it is possible to feel not just like the old you but creating a new version of you

 Excited knowing that menopause doesn’t last forever!

 Clear on exactly where you can support yourself or how to get support from elsewhere

 Ready to meet change with doable changes

 Feel back in the driving seat of your body

 Feeling a sense of connection to others going through a similar experience


Menopause WTF?  – a special evening which will not only be informative, it will be interactive and fun. You will learn how some simple lifestyle tweaks and changes can help you feel balanced, rested, have more clarity and vitality.

When? Friday 14th July 2023 @ 7.30pm – 9.30pm 

Where? Hope Hive, Pilgrims House, 51-63 St Dunstan’s Road, Worthing, BN13 1AA

Price: £20

Your ticket to Menopause WTF? includes:

  • An evening of infotainment (entertainment and information)
  • A special AUA – Ask Us Anything section where you can ask the experts anything about female health and wellbeing
  • Handouts/worksheets to help you remember the information (meno brain!)
  • Healthy snack and refreshing drink

Huge thanks to Rebecca at the lovely Hope Hive in Worthing for hosting us in your lovely relaxing community venue. https://www.ourhopehive.com

Yes, I’m ready to feel empowered to navigate the menopause transition. Sign me up!

Who are we?

Nat & Tanith are both women’s health and wellbeing professionals and have teamed up to bring you these Sweet & Salty Menopause events

The events are facilitated by Nat Nicholson, My Bodyworks, Post Natal – Post Meno Holistic Wellness and Movement Rehab Specialist and Tanith Lee – Mrs Menopause  -nutritional therapist,  health coach, and menopause virtuoso.

Nat is at the beginning of her peri-menopause experience and Tanith is 15 years post her early menopauseso not only do they have wealth of wellbeing information they have first hand experience of the sweet and salty of menopause.


Get ready to get involved in your exploration into your own journey, to understand more about WTF is happening in your body and alongside activities and strategies which will help give you a focus on where to get started with making changes.

We understand that knowing where to start is super tricky when you are tired, full of brain fog and on an emotional rollercoaster to hell.

We’re here  to help you switch that up

Join us at our evening event and discover everything you need to feel back in the driving seat of your body, health and menopause

We really look forward to welcoming and sharing with you. 

Love & Laughter, Nat & Tanith xx