Sweet & Salty Menopause Meetups – Live in Worthing & Haywards Heath, West Sussex & Online

Are you confused about Menopause, perimenopause and post menopause? Do you know what you’re looking out for? Do you know how you can help yourself through the transition? Do you feel like you’ve lost your motivation?

Then we would love to invite you to Sweet & Salty Menopause Meetups.  Our informal meetups help support and empower women through the transitions of perimenopause to post menopause.
They offer a warm and friendly environment for women to come together and find support and community; to discuss the rough and the smooth; the ups and the downs and the sweet and salty of Menopause life. 

The sessions focus on uniting women and changing the narrative around menopause so that you can step into this time of your life empowered, with joy and motivated for the next phase of your life. We spend ⅓ of our lives in this stage, so let’s make it count!! 

The meet ups are facilitated by Tanith Lee (Mrs Menopause) and Nat Nicholson  (My Bodyworks) who both specialise in Women’s Health, movement, nutrition and rehab and are on hand to answer questions about hormones, lifestyle and this phase of your journey. The sessions themselves are informal to help create a safe and welcoming environment where women help women; a place to share the crap and the wins together and hold space together. Come and connect with others, share your experiences, we create new friendships and bonds, find community, get motivated and re – find the joy in your life. 

Overall, the menopause meet ups provide an opportunity for women to gain knowledge, understanding, and empower themselves during this time of their lives. They encourage you to take the reins and give you helpful tools and strategies for your self care.

Bring your questions and your wins to gain more knowledge and help others. We invite you to come and celebrate womanhood together with all its ups and downs!

The cafes run on alternate weeks in venues in Haywards Heath and Worthing.

The meet-ups cost a small fee of £3.50 to attend. Just turn up, buy a drink (and even a slice of cake!) and make new friends. Follow the link below to book your place so we can let the venue know numbers to expect.

We really look forward to welcoming and sharing with you. 

Love & Laughter, Nat & Tanith xx

We know dayties aren’t always easy for everyone and sometimes getting to a location can be difficult .
That is why we have also introduced monthly online meetup. These are kept smaller in numbers to allow ease of dicusssions.