Resilient Bodies Movement Sessions

At My Bodyworks, we are all about the prehab as well as the rehab.
What is prehab? In other scenarios, it could be about preparing your body for surgery, but at My Bodyworks, it’s all about preparing you for life.

What are you doing to help your body become resilient to life’s pressures? Do you wait for an injury before listening to what your body is missing or needs?

Our new Stability for Movement sessions help you build strong foundations from which your body can move off by addressing core stability from which to move off in everyday functional movement.

Do you do lots of sit ups and wonder why your 6 pack is not getting developping, but you are gaining neck pain?

Do you do loads of planks and suffer from back pain?

Do you jump on the 30 day core challenges and end up hurting yourself on Day 2?

Do you find it difficult to stand on 1 leg?


No couch here! These are on the mats, full movement sessions, complete with a variety of equipment and fun.

The programame is mapped out to provide all clients a ladder progression of movements and strategies from floor to standing, to moving.

The programme includes: 

– integrating the diaphragms of ther body to manage pressure effectively

– creating strong connections through the core musculature of the body

– integrating the intrinsic stabilsers of the body that create good balance practice

– foot stability

-shoulder stability

– functional movements for life 

We assess and monitor your progress through the system so that everyone moves at their pace. You may move through one or two steps in a session or equally, stay at a step for 2 sessions, depending on your body’s needs, leading to an individualised prgramme to suit your needs.

Like any personal training system, we advise weekly or at least bi-weekly sessions in order to make progress for your body and with this is mind, have put together some discounted packages to help.

The new Movement for Stability Sessions are now LIVE!

These sessions, are 121 movement sessions, with a duration of 40 minutes each.

See you on the mats!