Post Surgery and Scar Rehabilitation

My Bodyworks post surgery body movement rehabilitation treatment




Surgery is just the first part of getting you back to moving and feeling well in your body. Your post surgery and scar rehabilitation and recovery are just as, if not even more, important.

We know that navigating your recovery can be overwhelming, particularly on your own. You will have many questions and may have joined forums with people in your situation, who seem to be having a completely different recovery journey to you. 

Healing is a unique journey which is best accepted as a slow marathon, rather than a fast sprint, so that you reap the rewards of your surgery long term. 


At My Bodyworks, I work with and rehab all types of scars from hip and knee surgeries to head gashes and fingers, as well as breast surgery and reconstructions. My particular interest and specialism is in abdominal surgery rehab, including c-section, hysterectomy, laparoscopy investigations and surgeries, gall bladder removal, appendectomy and myomectomy. 

Our abdominal surgery recovery and rehab programmes make sure that you are supported from day one in your recovery, up to 12 months so that you have someone to guide you through your recovery and then your rehab to full strength. 

Our programmes combine soft tissue work for your scar and areas of tension, strengthening work and full body movement integration, with relaxation, mindset and nutrition and lifestyle tips, to get you moving again, pain free and loving lif