Post Natal Recovery

Post Natal Recovery

Your Post Natal Recovery is key to your body’s ongoing health and wellness. It takes 9 months for your body to transition through the marathon of pregnancy and birth and restoring your post natal body can take just as long. Your body has made many changes along the way and so getting back to an optimally functioning body may mean taking different approaches to the activities you are used to doing.

“Childbirth is an injury to the body. Treat it like one.”
– Perry Nickelston, Stop Chasing Pain

How Can Pregnancy Continue to Affect Our Bodies Post Natally?

Although millions of women have given birth over time, birth and the pregnancy itself put alot of strain on the body’s tissues.

  • Postural changes affect your alignment and the ability for the core muscles to activate optimally, leading to lower back and neck pain.
  • The expansion in your abdominal muscles may cause a diastasis recti (tummy gap) which needs to close to provide your core with stability.
  • Cesearean Section scars can interfere with your ability to activate your abdominal muscles, leading to a weakenend core, incontinence and back pain.
  • The growing baby pushes up into your ribs, altering your breathing mechanics from diaphragmatic belly breathing to upper chest breathing. This can lead to poor core activation, as well as neck pain.
  • The growing weight of the baby bearing down on your pelvic floor muscles can lead to weakness in the muscles and urinary incontinence or prolapse.
  • Episiotomy cuts or tears during birth may add to incontinence issues.

A post natal assessment will help to inform your choices and answer your questions to help in your recovery.


Post Natal Recovery FAQs
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About Your Post Natal Recovery Assessment

The Restoration Mummy Post Natal Assessment is a 90 minute session of assessments of the big players in your recovery. You will be required to fill out an extensive Women’s Health Questionnaire prior to your assessment.

This screens you for issues with diastasis recti, pelvic floor activation, prolapse, urinary incontinence, altered breathing mechanics, cesearean scar healing, episiotomy and tear dysfunctions, core activation and postural alignment.

During the Post Natal Assessment

  • Your posture for optimal core activation
  • Check for diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal wall)     
  • Check for neurological dysfunction and restrictive tissue movement in your c section scar
  • Check for dysfunction in episiotmy scars or tears which may be causing core activation issues, problems with incontinence or weakening the pelvic floor  
  •  Assess your breathing patterns to help restore optimal diaphragmatic breathing, providing the right healing environment for your body and helping with closing of the diastasis recti           
  • Assess your pelvic floor muscles for weakeness or overtightness, and advise on the best pelvic floor exercises for YOU. NB. Kegels are not for Everyone!

Important Information Before You Book

Appointments are available to post natal women who have had their 6-8 week check up with the GP

C-section scars and episiotomy scars and tears must be fully closed.

You do not have to have had a baby recently to be post natal – once post natal, always post natal!