Perimenopause to Post Menopause

From Perimenopause to Menopause

Take Control of your Perimenopause - Menopause - Post Menopause Journey

Menopause, and more specifically the transition from perimenopause through to post menopause is a natural progression in any woman’s life. However, over time it has held many different conotations which have disempowered woman from going through this stage of their life in a positive way – with women being labelled deficiantly diseased and even, insane. It has led to fear and anxiety over what is a very natural transition but thankfully this narrative is changing.

There has been a lack of education around the changes and stages of the menopause transition, leading to a lack of awareness of changes in the body,  misdiagnosis, and consequently a lack of edcuation on self help to navigate this part of our journey.

There is no one solution ‘cure’ to menopause because there is nothing to fix. One woman’s journey will differ widely from the next because everyone’s hormonal pallette will be very different. Our hormones are affected by our internal and our external environment, so a whole lifestyle approach is needed to navigate out individual paths. What this transition does require is is a roadmap of helpful strategies to help each woman individually – to be able to pick and mix what works for you and your body within the lifestyle that you lead and are a part of.

Sweet & Salty Menopause Meetups by My Bodyworks and Mrs Menopause

Sweet & Salty Menopause Meetups

Join us at our informal cafe meetups in Live , in Worthing and Haywards Heath, or ONLINE, to talk all things sweet and salty, rough and smooth about Menopause.

Make new friendships and connect with others as we navigate the ups and downs of the menopause journey together. Re discover what brings you joy, the art of putting yourself first and laughter, in this important life transition.

The sessions are facilitated by Women's Health Specialists in movement, nutrition, lifestyle and rehab, Nat Nicholson (My Bodyworks) and Tanith Lee (Mrs Menopause).

What the Meno? Menopause Event

Sweet & Salty Menopause Events

Are you confused about the Menopause transition?

WTF is Menopause and what's the difference between it and perimenopause?

WTF is happening to your body?

Where do you start with helping yourself on your own journey?

Join Nat Nicholson (My Bodyworks) and Tanith Lee (Mrs Menopause) for an evening of education and enlightenment to help you uncover the best way to help yourself through YOUR personal journey.

How Can I Help You?

Getting in the flow of the new you takes a multi system approach in your lifestyle, working with your body’s structure, physiology and emotional shifts. Your changing hormones will have repercussions on the other systems of your body and supporting your whole health and the potential changes (and shifts it requires to support you properly), is paramount.

At My Bodyworks, Nat works with a multi disciplinary approach to help:

  • Understand where your body is at
  • Relieve joint and muscle aches and pains
  • Heal and rehabilitate post surgery
  • Improve your stability, mobility, strength and balance
  • Iimprove your pelvic floor function
  • Restore a postitive mindset and support your emotional health
  • Support stress management to calm the nervous system and anxiety
  • Improve energy, sleep and cognitive function