Pelvic Health Recovery Kit

Welcome to the Pelvic Health Recovery Kit!!

Is it itme to reconnect to your core and pelvic floor?

Are you fed up with bladder or bowel control issues ruling your life?

Do you live each day constantly aware of downward dragging in your pelvis, in fear of a prolapse?

Do you fear sneezing or coughing because you may leak?

Are incontinence issues stopping you from running, jumping or participating in the activities that bring you joy ?

Is getting on the trampoline with your kids out of the question?

Does your menopausal pelvic health concern you?

Are you struggling with incontinence issues following a hysterectomy?

Do you want to ditch the incontinence pads?

Then I can help!!


The Pelvic Health Recovery Kit is My Bodyworks’ foundation programme to help you reconnect to your pelvic floor and integrate it back into the rest of your core function. 

We focus on rebuilding your foundations to stability through breathing, movement, strengthening strategies and self-led release work. 
Reconnect to the pelvic floor, connect to your core and integrate with the rest of your body through intra abdominal pressure management, posture and hip and foot health.  

Our programme helps you build back up from the ground up!

Pelvic Floor function is not all about squeezing and kegels, and all bodies have other histories feeding into their disfunctions, so no two client journeys are the same. 

The Pelvic Health Recovery Kit is a unique programme put together for your individual needs from my ‘Kit ‘of strategies and skillsets. 


I have been helping my clients for 12 years as a Neuromuscular bodyworker and movement rehab specialist, to understand their bodies better and reintegrate movement after surgery, injury and trauma. 

I work with clients of all ages from post natal to post menopause, to overcome pain and movement issues and restore core and pelvic health, so that they can move confidently and empowered in their bodies.

It’s time to reclaim your pelvic floor health with the Pelvic Health Recovery Kit.


I work with my clients LIVE from the clinic in Worthing, or ONLINE via Zoom.

The programme consists of 1 x 75 minute initial evaluation session and 6 x 60 minute 1:1 sessions.
The sessions are tailored to you, movement based strength and mobility exercises, alongside self release techniques and stretching, which you complete under my guidance.

We integrate a whole body approach to your pelvic health, getting all parts of your body moving and talking well to each other so that your core and pelvic floor are firing on all cylinders to help your body to move well and support your body better.

Your time investment is 1 x 75 minute and 6 x 60 minute sessions, spaced 7-10 days apart.

Your financial investment is £495 which includes your very own Recovery Kit bag of tools to use with our sessions.

Live clients can also add in extra hands on Soft Tissue and Scar Rehab Therapy sessions to the programme, whilst Online clients will be led through self led techniques to work with any soft tissue issues if needed.

Are you ready to rock your pelvic floor health? 

To register your interest in the Pelvic Health Recovery Kit or to have a chat about your unique needs with the programme,  book a free discovery call below.