A holistic approach at MyBodyworks

Pain can be frustrating, often appearing out of the blue with no obvious cause. While it’s a clear signal that something needs attention, it doesn’t always point directly to the source of the problem.

Unveiling the hidden clues

At My Bodyworks, I take a comprehensive assessment approach to understand the driver of your pain. I go beyond just muscles and bones to explore several possibilities.

Protective Mechanism

Is the tightness in your muscles and joints a form of protection your body has adopted to prevent further injury?


Could the area experiencing pain be working overtime to compensate for another area that's not functioning optimally?

Physical Issue

Might the pain or movement dysfunction be caused by a physical issue in your muscles, ligaments, a particular joint or a nerve entrapment?​

Looking Beyond the Obvious: A Wider Lens

However, I don’t stop there. I believe that examining the body solely through a lens of muscles and bones can lead to chasing symptoms and missing the bigger picture. That’s why I utilise a wider lens at My Bodyworks, taking into account:

Your Body's History

We consider the journey your body has taken up to this point. Past injuries, surgeries, and incidents can lead to physical compensations that manifest as pain later.

The Body's Systems

We acknowledge that your body works as a whole. Other systems, such as the lymphatic and respiratory systems or overworking organs, can influence pain by creating tension or inflammation in surrounding structures and connective fascial tissues, which exhibit as muscle and joint pain.

Stress and Emotions

We understand that stress and emotional tension can manifest as physical tightness throughout the body. Unprocessed emotions and stored emotional stress linked to surgeries can create tension in the tissues of the body, through a nervous system response.

This comprehensive approach allows us to create a targeted treatment plan for lasting relief, addressing the root cause and not just the pain symptoms.

Your sessions go beyond our time together in clinic. I believe in empowering my clients to equip you with Functional Healing for a Functional Life. I don’t just want you to be pain-free on the couch; I want you to move with freedom and confidence in your everyday life.

We work together to optimise your movement patterns for your specific needs, by equipping you with personalised homecare techniques that reinforce the progress made in our sessions. Think of it as creating new “happy highways” in your brain for lasting improvement, whether it’s playing with your kids, hitting the gym, or simply walking the dog pain-free.