Online sessions have become a new thing during COVID-19, and they are here to stay.
They are great for those of you that don’t live nearby or if you are limited timewise. I have loved getting this part of My Bodyworks up and running and it has meant that helping people has not been confined by location. 


An online session follows the same shape as a live, in clinic one: Assessment, Treatment, Reassessment, Homecare.

Breathing and movement patterns form the basis of the assessment process to ascertain restrictions in movement, pain levels and note compensation patterns. I utilise remote muscle testing protocols to help find compensations and feedback from you verbally and your movements. I also use the Anatomy in Motion Flow Motion Model which is a movement based approach for assessment, using the framework of gait (walking patterns) as an indicator and treatment of movement issues.

Treatment is carried out by you with direction from me, the practitioner. The great thing about working this way is that it empowers you even more in the treatment process. You will be directed to do the various holds and releases I would usually do for you so that we can still achieve the same results as an in person session.

Reassessment is carried out to note the changes from the treatement and homecare releases and muscle activations are assigned to help your body to reintegrate the new movement patterning information. 

Homecare is recorded on Zoom at the end of the session and a link to the video is sent via email after your session. 


Booking your session – easy as a,b,c

A. Book your Online New Client Discovery Consultation here. You will be sent a Zoom invitation for our session by return.

B. Fill out the Health Questionnaire on the booking page.

C. Send me your photos and video (see guidelines below) by Whatsapp to +447968 442310.


About the Health Questionnaire

Please fill in the form at the link above and get it back to me no later than 48 hours before your appointment so that I can use it to help inform your session.

Tissues heal, but the nervous system remembers everything, so all history is super important. You can’t give me too much history so any dink, scar, car accident, surgery or drunken escapade is pertinent. The more history I have, the better for following the clues to why your body is not working as efficiently as it should.

I find it helps to think in decades when it comes to remembering what adventures your body has had!

ie 5 – fell off bike, onto face,

10 – walked into a tree,

15 – broke left wrist ice skating,

23 – wisdom teeth extracted, etc……

Work your way through and more things will come to you. It’s amazing just how much we forget on the surface!


How to take your postural photos and video

Please make sure you are wearing tight fitting clothes such as a vest and leggings, or sports bra and shorts for ladies and bare chest and shorts for men. Please make sure your hair is tied back so that I can see your neck position.


Please send your photos and video by whatsapp to +44 7968 442310 prior to your appointment.


The session will take place by video call on ZOOM. Please make sure that you have downloaded it to the device that you will be using for our session. 

Camera Angles

During your session I may need to see: 

  •  a close up of your feet
  •  you lying down 
  • your full body, upright

It is very helpful and saves time if can you figure out the camera angles to enables these views, prior to our session.

Please make sure your device is not facing into direct sunshine as this puts you into shadow, making it difficult to see you. This can be overcome by drawing the curtains/ closing the blinds and putting the light on.

Your Space

Bare feet and hard floors are preferable to carpeting and socks so that I can see your feet moving. If not, a yoga mat would help.


Please have a chair available in case of seated work.

Most release work can be done using your hands or with guided stretches from me. Please feel free to have any release equipment you may use at home for your own releases (such as tennis balls or pilates balls) to hand.

Please also have a sock or tea towel handy for any ‘wedge’ work we may need to do with your feet.


We shall discuss and go through homecare exercises at the end of your call.

I will record this part of the call and send you a link to the video by email once the call is finished.

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