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Every knock, dink, trauma, concussion, surgery, break, sprain, scar is logged in your body’s nervous system

At My Bodyworks, we look at things with a different perspective. Instead of just addressing your site of pain, we look at your history to discover how and why your body has got to where it is.

In piecing your body’s history together, we can better understand your body’s posture and the reasons why you are in pain.

​By finding the cause of your pain and understanding the journey your body has made to get there, we can make long term changes and empower you to take back control of your body.

​Every knock, dink, trauma, concussion, surgery, break, sprain, scar is logged in your body’s nervous system. When the body experiences ‘events’ its ability to function at 100% efficiency reduces as compensation patterns get laid down to help your body to keep going.

​The body can lay down multiple compensation patterns before it finally runs out of options and sends out a cry for help in the form of pain. The more compensations lay down, the more distant the memory of the initial event becomes that started the body’s journey into pain.

​What instigated your body’s journey into pain?

​Working together, the process is fun and gives you back control of helping your body back to effortless movement.

Every pain happens for a reason. What's your story?

Nat has literally changed my life! After the recommended 4 treatment sessions I can now walk several miles and take part in keep fit challenges which I couldn’t do before. With Nats’ care, knowledge and humour I would recommend her to Anyone with pain, muscle or movement issues.
(Sharon E, Move Beyond Pain Programme 2018)

This programme is suitable for you if:

  • you have been suffering with a pain or niggle for some time that just won’t go away

  • you have tried other traditional methods but have not got anywhere or only get temporary relief before a return of your symptoms

  • you have pain, accompanied by a history of scars, pregnancy, birthing, broken bones, sprained ankles, concussion, surgery, whiplash, jaw pain, accidental injury, falls, dental treatment or any other traumas (minor or major to the body)

  • you want to improve your movement patterns

  • you want to try a different approach

  • you want to be empowered to help yourself

  • you want to understand WHY your body is shouting for help, instead of just treating the symptoms


What's involved in the Move Beyond Pain package?

  • A pre- treatment Health Questionnaire to gain all of your history prior to your first appointment.
  • One x 90 minute and three x 60 minute follow up consultation treatments to monitor and progress your care.
  • Videoed instructional homework exercises (straight to your phone) each session to help your body take on the corrections made in session.
  • Advice and support by email between sessions if required.
Please note that the Move Beyond Package is only available to new clients who have had the free discovery session or their initial appointment

How long will it take to feel better?

When a body has multiple events and traumas to it, it can create many compensation patterns to work around them. Issues that have sat in the nervous system for years can take a little time to work themselves out.

We cannot tell you how long your body will take to feel better because everybody’s body stories are different and range in complexity. We do however find that 4 sessions is the number that our clients experience significant progress in the reduction of their pain and an increase in the movement of their body. If you require additional sessions, these are booked as individual Pay-as-you-go sessions.

We do not offer single sessions to a new client complaint as the package, along with your everyday habits and homework routines, help to unpeel the layers of dysfunction. These things don’t happen in one session.

What's involved in a session?

Every session will involve elements of assessment, release work, activation, movement and education on your recovery process. You will also be given homecare exercises to continue between sessions which will be recorded onto your phone.

What should I wear?

Please wear loose clothing which is easy to move in. We may require that you undress down to your underwear for release and soft tissue work.

How much is the Move Beyond Pain programme?

The four session package costs £300 and is the programme that all new clients start on to ensure continuity and swift progress to their rehab.

How do I book?

Please get in touch to book your free discovery consultation to see how we can help you.

Please fill in the Health Questionnaire by clicking the button below and submit it no later than 48 hours prior to your consultation.

Thank you