Unleash your pain free potential

Unravel your pain puzzle and move beyond pain, through a whole body, nervous system approach.

I help people to get off the pain rollercoaster of fear and become curious detectives of their bodies.

Together, we piece together the clues – past injuries, sneaky movement habits, stress, emotions, other health signals and daily habits – to understand your body’s journey better and create a complete picture of what threats are causing your body to shout at you and get your attention.

Ready to swap fear for curiosity and become the lead detective of your own body? Let’s solve this pain puzzle together!

My Approaches

Functional Neurology

Muscle Testing

Soft Tissue Therapy

Whole Body Integrated Movement

Functional Neurology

I look for the protective mechanisms of your brain to enhance the overall functions of your body. We assess and desensitise any stimulus that creates a threat to your system and retrain optimal movement patterns.

Muscle Testing

I use muscle testing to assess your nervous system’s response to movement and stimuli, uncovering hidden compensation patterns that can be addressed to optimise function and reduce pain.

Soft Tissue Therapy

I utilise a comprehensive toolbox to address soft tissue restrictions and tension. This integrated approach aims to improve scar mobility and motor control, nerve communication, promote muscle relaxation, and ultimately enhance your movement patterns and reduce pain.

Whole Body Integrated Movement

I utilise Gary Ward’s ‘Flow Motion Model’ (AiM) to assess and reintegrate your problematic areas into whole-body movement patterns. This approach helps to consolidate and integrate the corrections made, creating longer lasting improvements in your functional movement and pain management.

My Services

Pain & Movement Detective

Solving the clues to your body’s pain puzzle, through a nervous system - first, hands-on and movement approach.

Women’s Health Recovery Programmes

Supporting women through life’s transitions with Post Natal, Hysterectomy, and Pelvic Health Recovery programmes.

Functional Breathing
(The Breathing Upgrade)

Uncover the secrets to optimal movement, wellness and performance through functional breathing retraining.

Energy Alignment
(The Energy Enigma)

Cracking the code to your wellbeing. Align your energy to activate your full mind-body potential for a happier life.


Dale LayDale Lay
09:24 17 Apr 24
Amazing work by Nat, she has helped with my knee problems 100% and made the whole experience a relaxed and fun process.
Anna Marie OgilvyAnna Marie Ogilvy
16:09 12 Apr 24
I had visited a lot of practionners to help support my daughters ongoing injuries, pain & recent severs diagnosis but at last feel wehave found someone that can help. From the onset I could tell that Natalie had some extra experience and tools to help support her that seemed to find the root problems alongside a classical diagnosis & treatment. What was incredible was how my daughter responded to Natalies approach which was predominately calming the nervous system to work with the pain and accessing past physical traumas to piece together the current acute injury. She had a large toolkit of approaches alongside a physical rebalance -her approach was professional and informative yet playful for my daughter and I felt like we have found the missing link. Highly recommended for a life journeyEveryone should see Nat even just for a body MOT
Lynne HealyLynne Healy
10:51 27 Feb 24
Nat has helped me walk with ease and comfort again. I consulted her for help for a painful left hip (osteoarthritis) that was making walking more and more difficult.It's not easy to describe her unique, holistic approach. First there's Nat herself. She alone is a tonic - high energy, intuitive, professional, positive and highly skilled - you instantly know you're in safe hands. Then there's her phenomenal skill and expertise in different disciplines that she draws on to get to the root cause of the pain. Not just to manage symptoms but to restore balance and full functionality to areas of your body that you may not realise are compromised but are causing a real problem.Sessions with her are always fun, inspiring, educational and - most importantly - effective.After only 3 sessions I can walk freely again
Martin WiltshireMartin Wiltshire
19:13 28 Jan 24
I first met Nat when she set her business up at my work address quite a few years ago. We got chatting about me having chronic back pain after an accident years before,also various scars from a Splenectomy etc. I had previously seen an Osteopath for a while which helped but didn't fix long term, so I decided see if she could help. I didn't quite understand how it worked but it did! I'm so glad I went in with an open mind because I would probably still be in pain to this day. She has put alot of time and commitment to what she does . All I would say is give it a go and you won't be disappointed. Highly recommended in my honest opinion. Lastly I had a recent shoulder issue and couldn't only move it about 10% and very painful. After only one session it was 99% fixed the following day.
Kim FrancisKim Francis
21:21 07 Dec 23
Natalie has basically changed my life.That’s a massive statement I know but it’s the only way I can think of saying how I have been affected by the treatment that she offers.After many many years of crippling lower back pain and many thousands of pounds spent on chiropractors with no lasting outcome.I was having a chat with my neighbour about it and she mentioned Natalie and the work she does.I was a little apprehensive as the first consultation costs £100 but that is for 1.1/2 hours, ( a small drop in the ocean to the amount of money that I have spent over the last twenty years or so. ) so I made an appointment, filled in the (in depth) questionnaire and off I went.What can I say, Natalie is such a lovely lady, bubbly, super friendly and passionate in what she does.I went with an open mind ( as suggested by my neighbour) and very soon Natalie found the core problem, which was very unexpected as it was nowhere near my lower back but issues with past scarring.I walked out feeling rejuvenated, it took 3 sessions of one hour after the initial 1.1/2 hours to sort me out, that was 3 months ago and I am a new person, I’m not young but I am moving around ( and still working) absolutely pain free for the first time in many many years. I cannot express just how much Natalie has changed my life for the better, my treatment was quite complex so I went 4 times and haven’t had to go back asI’m “ cured”So much so that I sent my husband along with lower back osteoarthritis, to date he has had one treatment and since seeing Natalie hasn’t taken any painkillers to ease the symptoms. He can’t get his head round the difference that Natalie has made after just one treatment, he has one more treatment next week and Natalie has said that he should be fine after that. I cannot recommend Natalie highly enough. Take the leap of faith and go to her, she will change your life as she has changed mine.
Carole TCarole T
09:49 22 Nov 23
Nat is a very special practitioner. Her knowledge and experience of the workings of the body is impressive and very reassuring. She is extremely kind and fun to work with and am so grateful to her for all she has done to alleviate the various issues I have encountered.After damaging my arm and shoulder in a fall she worked to find the root of the problems and with simple, non -onerous exercises I was able to return to pain free and normal moment.In latter years she has helped me recover from a leg injury and painful foot issues.I have recommended friends and family to Nat who are without exception so impressed with the successful outcomes she produces.