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Clinic Location

Core Physio, 3 Shirley Drive, Worthing, BN14 9AX

Core Physio is situated in the Offington area of Worthing, just off Poulters Lane and round the corner from Broadwater Green. Buses stop at Broadwater and in Poulters Lane within easy walking distance of the clinic. The closest train stations are Worthing and West Worthing.

There are 3 parking spaces on road parking spaces in Shirley Drive and the surrounding roads.

You can book a free 20 minute Zoom discovery call if you are interested in having a chat to find out how I might help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sessions are 55 minutes long which consists of 45 minutes assessment and treatment time and 10 minutes of setting and going through homecare exercises.

The amount of sessions needed varies greatly from client to client, depending on the client’s history, goals, priorities, and consistency with self-care. Older causes of pain lay down many more compensation patterns than newer ones. It is not unusual to clear one pattern and find another pattern surface to become the next priority to clear. Generally, it is not possible to clear issues in one sessions and I advise clients to commit to an initial 4 sessions to help resolve the issue fully, be well on the way to progressing the issue to being fully resolved, or referring you onto someone who may be able to help them further.

I work with clients privately. I do not offer and work via medical or health companies or insurance, nor am I able to offer medical or written reports. If your insurance company offers reimbursement for Sports Massage Therapy sessions, I am able to provide you with an invoice for this purpose.

Results can be very immediate, after the first session, or take a few sessions to improve. Everyone is different. Sometimes deeper set compensatory issues take a little while to unwind out of the system.

Generally if a pattern is cleared, the results should be long lasting, however, we are creatures of habit and adventure so our bodies are always picking up new work arounds for the recent events we have endured. Poor habits and non optimal daily postures need to be addressed by the client to make lasting changes. These go hand in hand with corrections and are equally important in making long term gains.

It is important that you can move easily during your session, so please do not wear movement limiting clothing such as jeans. We generally do all work with clothes on but you will be covered to maintain modesty if an area of requires work directly to the skin.