Energy Alignment

energy alignment healing treatments

I’ll put my hands up and admit that until 4 years ago, I was of the opinion that energy work was all a bit woo woo and I didn’t see a place for it in the way that I work. Yet, in my clinical work, I was starting to see more and more pain puzzles that had emotional or limbic (primal survival patterns) elements at the root of them. Dynamic Neuromuscular Assessment and Adaptable Polarity both gave me tools to assess the systems of the body, hand in hand with the musculoskeletal structures, and helped me to recognise the role of congested energy in the body’s organs and its effect on the flow of energy which helps our bodies many systems to work and thrive. I learned that when the electromagnetic field of our own makeup is out of whack, it presents itself as ill health, stress, anxiety, fear, low mood, low self-esteem, pain, and a system stuck in fight or flight – an environment inconducive to wellness and thriving. 

At this time, I was also introduced to EAM, The Energy Alignment Method®, an internationally recognised therapy, created by Yvette Taylor. The method uses eastern and western practices for wellness in a science and spiritual blend, combining elements of kinesiology, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP),  eastern energy approaches, and the Law of Attraction, to uncover limiting beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and other energies which are holding you back from being in flow. Using a powerful and easy 5 step self-help process, EAM® transforms stuck energy into an aligned energy of flow to help you live life from a renewed place of vitality, positivity, and alignment. 

Everything is energy. The earth has an electromagnetic field that is constantly interacting with the energies of every living thing on it. Plants, animals, and humans all thrive or die based on the interaction of energies with everything around us – our environment, the people we surround ourselves with, the food we eat, and the movement and energy of our bodies. The higher the frequency that you vibrate, the lighter you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally – it’s the kind of energy that draws everyone in a room to you. and When your energy vibrates at a high frequency,  vitality rules. The lower the frequency, the heavier your energy. It is here that you may experience pain and discomfort in your physical body and be weighed down by heavy emotions, negatively affecting the way you interact in relationships with others, your work and your joi de vivre.

What happens during an Energy Alignment session?

energy alignment session

During an energy alignment session, we work together to uncover the limiting thoughts, beliefs, emotions, habitual patterns and behaviours that are stopping you from living life from a place of alignment and happiness. Often you may not be aware of these consiously and if you are are, sometimes you are so stuck, it is difficult to move past these limiting energies. 

Before a session, you will be asked to fill in an intake form. Here we gather information about your challenge and start to get you thinking about different areas of your life; your mindset, feelings, emotions, lifestyle, relationships, your work and physical health; in order to start to form a picture of what things are holding you back. 

We utilise a fully body kinesiology response from your body, known as ‘the sway’, in order to uncover resistant energy that is often being held in the subconscious mind.

Using the EAM® technique to quantify how your body is holding the resistant energy, we release it and bring in a new, aligned and more positive energy to replace it. This helps to form new, healthier and happier neural pathways to take forwards with you in your life, relationships, work, physical, mental and emotional being.

As ‘the sway’ is a key tool in the work, I highly recommend that you watch this video and start practicing ‘feeling’ how the sway works in your body, as this means we have more time to work on your challenges in session.

NB. Sometimes clients have become so stuck energetically that they cannot sway. Don’t worry – this can be very reflective of why you are so stuck in your life and may be your biggest priority for moving your forwards in life.