What is Pain?

Pain is the symptom of a deeper cause. It is the body’s response to dysfunction and malaise; a reaction to physical, systemic, and emotional trauma.

Pain can come in many different guises. Acute pain, chronic pain, dull, sharp, at morning, at night, constant, intermittent, provoked, unprovoked.

Pain is the body’s way of telling us that something is wrong. In acute cases, when we have sustained a hamstring tear, sprained ankle, or any damage to the tissues, the pain response is an immediate one.

However, in chronic pain cases, ones where the pain has built up slowly over time, or come out of nowhere with no apparent reason, pain is often the body signaling that it has run out of options for managing to ‘get by’.

The body is an amazing compensator. When things are not working at 100%, the body is great at employing a variety of strategies to keep going. However, once it has exhausted those strategies, it has nothing else to do but scream out for help with a cry of pain.

Daily activities and compromised postures can have an effect on the body over time, as can traumas and injuries.
Recurring pain or chronic pain is a sign that the underlying cause has not been addressed.

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