Is your team running at optimal capacity?

Is your pain a byproduct of a compensation pattern?

Where did your optimal movement pattern fall apart?

Like any organisation, your body runs much better when all the muscles, bones, and systems are fulfilling their specialist roles. Together they are a well-oiled machine. But when this breaks down, it can lead to inefficiency, chaos, and stress.

I often liken this to the organisation of a school. Teachers are specialists in their roles and are supported by teaching assistants and other support staff in helping their students. If a teacher is sick, the teaching assistant or other teacher may step in to cover for them. As they know the kids and body of work being covered, teaching the students moves along, but at the expense of the teaching assistant and the support staff not getting the work done that they need to.

If the teaching assistant then goes off sick, the admin staff may step in to cover. Although they know the kids, they will not have the specialist skills of planning for the individual students that the teacher has, and nor will they have an idea of the body of work being done. But they muddle through and get the essence of the work across nonetheless.

As the baton is passed to the next level of availability, the level of competence in the specialism diminishes. The stress on the available staff will rise, leading to fatigue and potentially more people off sick.

When you injure a muscle, the brain finds a workaround by utilising other helper muscles to support that specific movement. Eventually, though, the helpers get tired, their own workload is under stress and they respond by screaming back at you.

PAIN is a cry for help.

Is your body SCREAMING at you for help? What was the initial event that was the catalyst for your compensation patterns? Find that and reinstate the optimal movement patterns.

The pain is rarely the cause. History is everything.

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