Is your team running at optimal capacity?

  Is your pain a byproduct of a compensation pattern? Where did your optimal movement pattern fall apart? Like any organisation, your body runs much better when all the muscles, bones and systems are fulfilling their specialist roles. Together they are a well-oiled machine. But when this breaks down, it can lead to inefficiency, chaos … Read more

Set up to Sit up – Combating Digital Stress Part 2

Doing anything for long amounts of time will have an impact our bodies. Running a marathon will cause tired, achy muscles and blisters, lying in an uncomfortable position can lead to a cricked neck and this is none the less so for sitting, looking at a screen for extended amounts of time.   Your Work … Read more

Slave to the Screen – Combating Digital Stress Part 1

Recent events have thrown us and dumped us well and truly into the digital world. Whether we like it or not, if we want to communicate, learn, work or entertain ourselves, technology has become the go to provider. On one hand- a life saver, on the other, a curse. In pre-covid life, I  had a … Read more

What’s Your Body’s Story?

My Bodyworks What's your story?

As the political storm that is erupting in the UK at the moment is born out of a series of events and decisions over time, so too is pain. Our body’s HISTORY has a knock on effect, a chain reaction which effects the whole of the system continuing forward. It is the culmination of ‘events’ … Read more

Urinary Incontinence and the Post Natal Mum

2/3 of women suffer from urinary incontinence although it actually affects both men and women. It’s a common problem but not a normal function of the body. So what is incontinence and how can we reverse the changes? Urinary incontinence comes in two forms: stress incontinence and urge incontinence. Stress incontinence occurs when pressure is … Read more

What is Neurokinetic Therapy?

Neurokinetic Therapy, developed by David Weinstock (USA) over the past 30 years, is a technique that is fast growing popularity internationally with bodyworkers and personal trainers. ​ The techique uses a modified system of muscle testing in order to gain information on how the brain recruits and coordinates muscles for its movement patterns. ​ Dysfunctional … Read more

What is Pain?

Pain is the symptom of a deeper cause. It is the body’s response to dysfunction and malaise; a reaction to physical, systemic and emotional trauma. Pain can comes in many different guises. Acute pain, chronic pain, dull, sharp, at morning, at night, constant, intermittent, provoked, unprovoked. ​ ​ Pain is the body’s way of telling … Read more