A Nervous System Approach to helping you move better

Functional Neurology, Scar Work, Surgery Rehabilitation, Gait Analysis, Post Natal Recovery, Hysterectomy Recovery, Pelvic Health, Energy Alignment

A Unique Approach to Moving Beyond Pain

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Hi, I'm Nat!

I am a fully qualified Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist based in Worthing, West Sussex, accredited in a wide range of specialist techniques to help you get to the root cause of your pain and movement issues. I have a unique approach which combines movement and manual hands on therapy, with functional neurology in order to address your body’s issues from its roots, in the nervous system. I take a whole person approach when working with my clients, which includes assessing and working with physiological and emotional stressors linked to your issue.

I help men and women to recover from injuries, surgery and long standing compensation patterns causing faulty mechanics and pain.

I am a specialist in Women’s Health and help women through their body’s life transitions, to recover faster, move better and thrive going forwards. I work with post natal, post hysterectomy and women transitioning through perimenopause to post menopause, to help them navigate recovery from surgical interventions and build strength for life’s demands going forwards. 


Professional, caring and supportive, Nat is the real deal and a loving soul 💜 she has restored functionality and reduced my pain something the NHS said would go in time but gave me no therapy.
Linda Randall
Nat is incredible and never ceases to amaze me how she can get to the source of the pain and sort quickly.
Victoria McLafferty
Working with Nat has been a revelation. I have complex interacting health conditions which cause me ongoing problems, especially with my joints. Nat helped me understand not just my body mechanics but how different areas interact with and impact on each other in a way that multiple physiotherapists and pain specialists have been unable to. Fundamental things like helping me improve my breathing have had a positive impact on my core stability providing a more solid base to work from. From the first session Nat’s warm manner put me at ease and I feel confident that she is really invested in my wellbeing. I look forward to making new discoveries in our next session.
Lena Taylor
Nat is an intuitive bodywork genius. I've been to many body workers and I'm completely blown away with this technique. It helps that Nat is warm and professional and really really knows and loves her stuff. She quickly was able to address an issue that 2 physiotherapists missed and resolved it within minutes. Her work is simple, non-intrusive and not painful and the homework (if any) is the easiest and quickest I've ever had to do. And it works!!
Fiona Whitfield
One session with Nathalie sorted out a recurrence of a back problem that had taken 5 months of a more traditional route earlier in the year to improve. I was astonished. The technique is almost like magic! Am so impressed.
Jan Case
My Bodyworks Nat Nicholson womens health practitioner

Meet Nat

Mummy, wife, sea swimming enthusiast, curious explorer of the nervous system, movement facilitator, passionate advocate for Women’s Wellness and breathwork, neuromuscular and manual movement therapist and energy aligner. 

I believe that everyone has the innate ability to help themselves out of pain, move better and improve their physical, mental and emotional health. Sometimes we just need a little guidance and someone to walk with us on that journey. 

I draw on a wide range of techniques, including muscle testing, cranial work, sports massage techniques, gait analysis, movement repatterning, scar work, breathwork and emotional support for the nervous system, so that I can treat each client individually.